100% Affordable Housing Scheme in Bracknell Passes Flooding Test

March 8, 2011 9:00 am Published by

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has been successful in obtaining planning permission for a 100% affordable housing scheme in Bracknell on behalf of Thames Valley Housing Association.

The 0.5 hectare site is located in Bracknell town, on partially previously developed land. Part of the site is within Flood Zone 2.

This site has had an extensive planning history with previous schemes either refused or withdrawn. TKP worked towards ensuring that previous reasons for refusal were addressed and to ensure the scheme was acceptable to both officers and the Committee.

TKP had carried out pre-application discussions with the local authority to ensure the principle of the development was acceptable. This included providing detailed evidence to enable the Council to carry out a flooding related Sequential Test, a requirement of PPS 25 when a site is located in Flood Zone 2. The evidence showed that there were no other sites available in Bracknell Forest Borough that could provide 100% affordable housing on a similar reasonable alternative site. The Council accepted our report and the Sequential Test was thereby passed. This allowed the scheme to proceed to application stage and for the Council to consider it against other planning criteria.

The proposals were in close proximity to residential area, with existing properties to the rear of the site. Therefore the design of the building was sensitive to the surrounding properties ensuring that there were no overbearing or overlooking impacts. An element of public open space was retained, along with re-providing the existing public car park.

Working closely with the planning officers at Bracknell Forest Council ensured that any issues and previous reasons for refusal were designed out, along with resolving the contributions the development will provide for the local area. The application drew a huge public response, but it was recommended for approval by officers and approved by the Planning and Highways Committee by a large majority.