A5 success in South Gloucestershire

October 15, 2007 9:52 am Published by

Tetlow King has obtained planning permission for the change of use of a vacant A1 retail unit to A5 (Takeaway) after an extended seven month negotiation period with Officers of South Gloucestershire Council.

Due to an existing problem with odours from a nearby premises, the extraction equipment for the proposed takeaway could not be dealt with via a condition. As a result full details of the extraction system were provided in advance of a decision being made.

Local opposition led to the Planning Officer referring the decision to a Planning Committee. Our long negotiations with Environmental Health and Planning Officers led to an Officer’s recommendation for approval.

The application went to Planning Committee in September 2007 where Councillors were concerned by the Officer’s recommendation for approval and along with local residents raised issues such as highways, nuisance and anti-social behaviour. However after much debate, the Committee resolved to approve the application and planning permission was granted.