Affordable housing justified on former recreation ground at Bromsgrove

April 4, 2012 8:53 pm Published by

Bromsgrove District Council has approved its own application, made jointly with Bromsgrove District Housing Trust, for seven affordable bungalows on a suburban housing estate, on the basis of Tetlow King Planning’s justification for loss of the former play area.

It was successfully argued that the there is no quantitative need for the space given sufficient provision within the ward and specifically within walking distance of the existing dwellings in the locality, as well as those being proposed.

The poor quality of the site and lack of overlooking, leading to various incidences of anti-social behaviour in recent years, was reported to councillors leading them to grant consent on 2 April 2012.  A substantial shortfall in housing land supply and significant need for affordable housing, including that suitable for the elderly, was also weighed in the equation.