Affordable Housing success at Planning Committee

May 13, 2019 10:52 am Published by

Rachel Coles at Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has recently had success with two applications for Orbit Homes for affordable housing in Stratford on Avon District Council following detailed negotiations with officers. The scheme covered two sites; a garage site, and the demolition of maisonettes deemed to be not fit for purpose.

The Council requested that the schemes be submitted as separate applications. The demolition of the maisonettes application was granted permission relatively quickly for replacement with four affordable semi-detached houses.

The garage site however, required more detailed negotiations. The 24 garages were underused and the target of anti-social behaviour. Orbit initially proposed a scheme for four houses. This was considered by officers to amount to cramped development. Following a meeting with CalfordSeaden (Architects), Orbit, TKP and the officers it was concluded that the scheme would be withdrawn and redesigned. Issues raised included shadowing of the proposed gardens, levels and retaining features and over development. The Parish Council also raised concerns with regard to the single point of access and management of the construction process. Following a redesign and reduction in units from four to three 2 bed affordable homes the scheme was re-submitted to the council.

The redesigned scheme was well received by officers however, the Parish Council called the application in to Planning Committee. The objections were on the basis of the access road being too narrow, flooding and stability of a nearby bank, on street parking and disruption from the construction phase. Jonathan Adams (Director) attended planning committee, he spoke on behalf of Orbit and answered questions from members of the Committee. The main concern was the impact on traffic movements from the proposed three dwellings. Jon was able to explain that the traffic movements from three dwellings would be less than the 24 garages and after consideration the Planning Committee voted in favour of granting permission.