Birmingham CIL Zoned Out

September 19, 2014 8:00 pm Published by

Birmingham City Council will commence consultation on a fundamentally altered CIL Charging Schedule at the end of September, following major criticism in 2013. Review of the viability appraisal showed that the Council’s proposed charges were likely to price out affordable housing supply; Tetlow King Planning’s comments were critical in achieving further viability testing.

The Draft Charging Schedule agreed at the City Cabinet on Monday 15th September has significantly reduced the two proposed charges, from £115 per m2 to £69 per m2 in the high value housing zones, and £55 per m2 to £0 per m2 in the low values zones. As sought by Tetlow King Planning, these new charges should enable affordable housing to come forward, unimpeded by CIL, a benefit particularly welcome to our Housing Association Registered Provider clients.

The news bolsters recent successes in the South West, where local planning authorities have generally made further progress with CIL than in the West Midlands.