Heartlands, Cornwall


Tetlow King Planning (TKP) acting on behalf of Carillion-Igloo Regeneration Partnership and Coastline Housing achieved consent for a pioneering development on strategic brownfield land in the town of Pool, delivering innovative homes to a wide range of tenures, including Custom Build, affordable and over 50’s accommodation.  The former mining and industrial land contains two neighbouring sites which will deliver 54 Custom Build, 70 affordable and 20 open market dwellings.

The scheme was the first and largest pilot implemented by Homes England to kick-start the Government’s commitment to maximising opportunities for custom build homes.  This came at a time when custom build is being championed by the Government as a progressive delivery mechanism outside the traditional, volume house building model.  It taps into growing demand among the British public to create their own home.  A quote from ‘Laying the Foundations: A Housing Strategy for England’, November 2011 explains that:

“Custom Build Housing brings a number of benefits: it provides affordable bespoke-designed market housing, promotes design quality, environmental sustainability, and it drives innovation in building techniques and entrepreneurialism”.

More recently the Government’s commitment to increasing delivery in this sector has been strengthened through policies to encourage such growth in both the National Planning Policy Framework and the Planning Practice Guidance.

Custom Build offers more certainty that Self-Build as it delivers a plot that has outline consent and is serviced.  The plot purchasers select from a pre-approved panel of manufacturers/builders to develop detailed drawings and obtain Reserved Matters consent.  They work within a Design Code as a means of ensuring that their home complies with a set of parameters for volume, height and palette of materials.

The 49% affordable housing was another key benefit of the scheme and includes flats designated to local people aged 50 and over.

TKP were instrumental in achieving constructive engagement with the Council throughout the planning application process which assisted with the speedy approval.


Carillion-Igloo Regeneration Partnership and Coastline Housing Association

Local Authority

Cornwall Council