Herefordshire UDP Inspectors Report Released

June 29, 2006 11:53 am Published by

The Inspector’s Report into the Herefordshire UDP has been published (June 2006) and largely endorses the Council’s affordable housing policies.

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) appeared at the UDP Inquiry on behalf of the West Midlands RSL Planning Consortium. TKP appeared at the Round Table Session and were able to support the Council’s approach on a number of issues including the Council’s proposed 15 unit (0.5 hectares) threshold in larger settlements and 6 units (0.2 hectares) in rural areas.

The Inspector concluded that:

“I support the approach adopted by the Council. In my mind, there is adequate justification for the adoption of standards different from the headline thresholds in Circular 06/98”.

The Inspector also supported the Council’s affordable housing target of 35% on suitable windfall sites.

He has recommended a detailed modification suggested by Tetlow King to make it easier for affordable housing to be occupied by residents in the county rather than just restricting occupation to individual parishes.