Infill Affordable Housing Allowed with Costs in Bromsgrove District

June 18, 2013 12:52 pm Published by

A Planning Inspector has allowed an appeal to redevelop an underutilised garage site within one of the main settlements in Bromsgove District. This followed refusal by the Planning Committee earlier this year, after a local campaign to overturn the positive recommendation of the Council’s highway and planning officers.

The site, transferred to the Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (bdht) with the Council housing stock in 2004, currently comprises 10 flat-roofed garages and hard standing set back from the main residential street by a narrow road.  Some are vacant while some are being let on an ad hoc basis to non-housing association residents.  All of the garages are unattractive and needing repair.

Acting on behalf of bdht, Tetlow King Planning overcame each of the two refusal reasons, firstly on density and, secondly, on highway safety. Furthermore we argued that the proposal would help boost the supply of much needed affordable housing.

The Inspector allowed the appeal, concluding that an acceptable living environment would result from the site’s redevelopment and safe and suitable access would be achieved.  Furthermore, the Inspector awarded the appellant partial costs, on account of the failure of the Council to substantiate its second reason at any point in the appeal process.