Milton Keynes Appeal Win with Costs

August 13, 2012 8:48 pm Published by

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has won a planning appeal on behalf of Country & Metropolitan Homes for a reserved matters application for 211 homes in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

The site currently comprises vacant land formerly occupied by a Leisure Centre.  Outline planning permission had been granted in 2006 for up to 300 homes and provision of a new Leisure Centre. Details for Phase 1, which included 70 residential units and the provision of the Leisure Centre, were approved in a separate reserved matters application and have since been completed.  Phase 2, the subject of the appeal, was designed by Tetlow King Architects to provide the remaining residential units and Bowls Clubhouse for the site.

TKP were instructed to conduct a written representations appeal following the refusal of reserved matters application at Planning Committee. Despite having the Case Officer’s recommendation for approval and there being no objections from any of the statutory consultees,  members of the Committee refused the application over concerns  about the proposed rear parking courts for dwelling houses and the implications for highway safety.

TKP successfully argued that the Committee decision was based on unsubstantiated evidence and that the provision and design of the proposed parking courts fully accorded with planning policy and best practice guidance. The Inspector agreed that the use of parking courts would neither have a detrimental effect on road safety nor on the free flow of traffic.

TKP also successfully argued an application for award of costs. The Inspector agreed the reason for refusal had not been supported by substantial evidence. He ruled  that unreasonable behaviour resulting in unnecessary expense had been demonstrated and that a full award of costs was therefore justified.