Multi-generational self-build project secures consent in the South Gloucestershire Green Belt

April 9, 2020 2:46 pm Published by

Tetlow King Planning are pleased to have provided evidence to demonstrate that the proposed development caused no harm and constituted ‘limited infilling’ which is one of the permissible exceptions to development within the Green Belt, and that there were also Very Special Circumstances that applied for the site to be considered appropriate for development in the Green Belt.

The proposed development was for extensions to a former nursery to facilitate conversion into two dwellings as well as the erection of a single detached dwelling in the grounds of the former nursery at Westerleigh village. The site itself is located outside of settlement limits and therefore within open countryside in policy terms, as well as being located within the South Gloucestershire Green Belt.

Extant consent existed for the conversion and extension of the existing nursery building to form two dwellings. The issue was therefore with the new dwelling proposed within the grounds of the former nursery building.

Our supporting statement complemented the excellent work of One 50 Studio architects who were the agents for the application. Together we were able to obtain the support of the Parish Council for the proposals as well as convincing the case officer that the scheme was limited infilling and that Very Special Circumstances applied ensuring that it was determined under delegated powers.

Securing consent allows for four generations of the same family to be housed together on a single site to provide a mutually supportive living environment for both the elder and younger generations both now and in the future.