Planning success for Bloor Homes in Bridgwater

January 30, 2020 11:56 am Published by

Following the success of gaining a hybrid planning permission for 248 homes (community hub in full and a primary school in outline) for Bloor Homes in 2018.

Tetlow King Planning has attained a Section 73 planning permission to vary the planning permission and increase the number of dwellings to 257.

The original outline planning permission for the site allowed for up 259 dwellings in phase 3b of the development so the S73 application remained within the parameters of the original planning permission.

The development had already commenced in the eastern portion of the site with all conditions discharged. The S73 application sought to only vary the layout in the remaining northern portion of the site which is yet to have started construction.

A subsequent non-material amendment application has also been submitted and approved to change some of the house types and the parking arrangements.


The scheme provides a mix of entry level and family homes which will help to meet the housing needs of the district as well as providing a primary school which addresses an educational deficit in the North Petherton area.