Prodigious Padstow Permission

September 3, 2010 9:04 am Published by

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has successfully helped achieve permission for 42 affordable homes in Padstow, North Cornwall.

The application by THF Limited, working in conjunction with Westcountry Housing Association, sought to obtain permission for 22 social rented and 20 intermediate affordable homes on the edge of Padstow.  This proposal formed a rural exception scheme, being proposed outside the settlement limits as an exception to normal planning policies. TKP was able to successfully demonstrate that the proposal is suitable, sustainable and will meet a locally identified need for affordable housing.

Padstow is a popular tourist resort with a level of second home ownership which is around three times the country average, and as a consequence house prices remain high. As such there is a growing need for affordable homes. This proposal received a wide range of support from local residents and Parish Councillors. The Parish Plan identifies the delivery of affordable housing as the second highest priority in the parish. We were able to supplement this agenda, with data from the housing register, showing a growth of over 800 people on the housing register between 2003 and 2008; from 1,805 to 2,609 people over the 6 year period.

Padstow is sandwiched between two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the town itself is of historic interest.  Development opportunities in and around Padstow are therefore severely restricted.  This is reflected in the housing completion figures. During the period 2001 to 2010, of the 4,217 dwellings delivered throughout the former North Cornwall District, only 1.9% were delivered in Padstow compared with 22.8% in Bodmin, 11% in Bude, 8.4% in Camelford, 21.9% in Launceston, and 6.3% in Wadebridge.

Saved policies in the North Cornwall Local Plan permit ‘small’ scale development on the edge of towns and villages for affordable housing to meet an identified need. The proposal for 42 dwellings was therefore significantly larger than the policy allowed for. However Tetlow King Planning were able to successfully persuade Cornwall Council that this proposal was an appropriate  response to the high level of affordable housing need especially given the lack of identified sites for housing development and the low levels of recent housing completions in the locality.

Cornwall Council approved the application under delegated powers in June 2010.