Single dwelling approval secured in the countryside

July 23, 2019 4:09 pm Published by

In July 2019 Tetlow King Planning’s (TKP) Kent office, secured full planning permission for the redevelopment of part of the residential curtilage of a dwelling in the countryside to create an additional dwelling. The site lies within the countryside and within an area proposed to be designated as Green Belt within the emerging local plan.

In recent years a neighbouring plot was approved for residential development on appeal having been dismissed on several occasions by the Local Planning Authority. When an outline application for major residential development was then proposed on neighbouring land the property owner felt that now was the appropriate time to preserve any value in their plot.

The application was submitted in full with the new dwelling designed to appear in keeping with the original properties, adopting a traditional Kent vernacular design and materials palette. The only difference in the design was that due to the plot size the property features an integral double garage with rooms above as opposed to separate double garages that feature within the larger plots.

Despite local objections to the scheme, and various legal issues still to resolve relating to covenant matters, the local planning authority followed their initial pre-application advice and granted planning permission for the dwelling.