Success in Basildon as appeal for 269 new dwellings allowed

February 12, 2024 4:49 pm Published by

Tetlow King Planning is delighted to have assisted in the appeal success for 269 new homes, including 108 affordable homes, on a Green Belt site in Basildon, Essex.

Affordable housing evidence was provided in support of the scheme by James Stacey, Managing Director at TKP. In setting out the decision, the Inspector specified that the uncontested evidence in relation to affordable housing was compelling, and that it presented “a very stark picture” for the Borough.

In discussing the delivery of affordable housing in Basildon in recent years, the Inspector made the following comments in the decision:

“… during the last eight years, the Council has delivered an average of only 22 affordable homes per year, or 6% of total completions. This represents a continuously poor position
in terms of affordable housing delivery across the borough and as with market housing, one which I cannot see being addressed in the short to medium term… To my mind, the
delivery of 108 affordable dwellings through the appeal proposal would present a comparatively weighty contribution towards addressing the shortfall of affordable housing here.”

The benefit of affordable housing attracted very significant weight in the planning balance in light of the shortfall of affordable housing delivery in Basildon. The Inspector concluded that the benefits of the scheme, including affordable housing, outweighed the harm identified. As a result, very special circumstances were deemed to exist to justify the development.