Successful redevelopment of former Tramshed to self-contained dwelling

March 3, 2022 10:22 am Published by

The West Malling office of TKP has recently gained retrospective consent for works to a former tramshed to convert it into a 2-bedroom self-contained dwelling on a site in Halling, Medway.

The site is previously developed and on the edge of the built-up area within an area considered suitable for minor infill development. Over time the original roof had collapsed and, seeing the opportunity to make use of the building more efficiently, works had commenced providing a new roof to allow for habitable occupation of the building instead.

The proposals represented a sympathetic alteration to the original building, reinstating the pitched roof albeit with a higher eaves in order to provide the habitable accommodation within the roofspace. Due to the properties location the front elevation has been designed with the balcony and large glazing in the gable to optimise views out over the river.

The architectural input was provided by Ubique Architects, building on the continued relationship not only with TKP but with the applicant as well.