Tetlow King Planning featured in the latest Land Promoters and Developers Federation newsletter

April 7, 2020 10:45 am Published by

The Land Promoters and Developers Federation (LPDF) April 2020 newsletter to their members features a review of the recent BBC Housing Briefing by Tetlow King Planning’s Principal Planner, Jamie Roberts, and Assistant Planner, Leonie Stoate.

Jamie and Leonie’s take on the report was that the BBC  Housing Briefing contained an array of facts, figures and case studies which spell out the scale and effects of the housing crisis, as well as potential solutions. The Briefing forms part of a series, looking in detail at key societal issues in the news. The BBC states that the Housing Briefing was prepared in order to
address public demand for “more transparency and better explanation of the facts behind the headlines” and to tackle misinformation in the public debate. The document is aimed at the wider public and the Briefing was promoted heavily on the BBC including on television, radio, online, and even on the Bitesize revision service.

The Housing Briefing does not undertake its own research, nor does it draw its own conclusions. Instead, it draws together an extensive range of data and studies published by sources including the Office for National Statistics; the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government; Shelter; and other key pieces of research such as the Barker Review. The Housing  Briefing however adds helpful detail in the form of case studies which explore the experiences of real people and households affected by the housing crisis.

The Briefing is prepared at the national level and sets out the overall ‘picture’ in respect of housing matters. Sections 1 to 4 cover the broad context and issues; sections 5 to 7 consider the role of the public and private sectors in housing provision; and sections 8 to 10 cover policy mechanisms to address housing issues.

Overall, the Housing Briefing is a wide-ranging and well-researched overview of current issues in housing. It is a useful reference for professionals and members of the public alike, providing a helpful overview of current data as well as evidence of the real-life impact of the housing crisis upon real households. It is also a good starting point for further, more detailed research.

Tetlow King Planning champion the delivery of affordable housing developments and regularly provide supporting affordable housing evidence for planning applications and at public inquiries on behalf of strategic land promoters and housebuilders.

If you have any queries about the BBC Housing Briefing or require assistance with any other affordable housing matters then please contact Jamie or Leonie.