West Midlands Panel Supports TKP Representations

November 12, 2009 8:10 pm Published by

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has recently had considerable success with various oral and written representations to the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy Examination in Public.

Robin Tetlow, Chairman, appeared at the Examination held between April and June 2009 on behalf of the West Midlands RSL Planning Consortium and others; to expand upon formal representations made to the submitted Regional Spatial Strategy covering the period 2006 to 2026.  The report of the independent Panel published in September 2009 fully supported several specific proposals made on behalf of the Consortium, including:

  • Enhancement of Policy CF7 on affordable housing to encompass clearer targets. The regional targets of 35% affordable housing or 7,000 dwellings per annum; and the parameters for local targets being in range of 25% to 40%; and
  • Enhancement of Policy CF8 on mixed communities to place greater emphasis on providing housing and care for the elderly.

Other representations on behalf of Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (BDHT) and BARD also received support.

The Panel recommended an increase of 4,000 dwellings in the housing provision for Bromsgrove District over the period 2006 to 2026, although this was below the 7,100 dwellings increase proposed on behalf of BDHT.

In recommending that the Government proposed eco town at Middle Quinton was “unsustainable” and should not be pursued, the Panel gave substantial weight to the written evidence prepared by TKP for BARD that “it would be very difficult to make sensible use of a large affordable housing content at a single remote location”.

It is anticipated that the Secretary of State will publish Proposed Changes to the Regional Spatial Strategy in response to the Panel Report in January 2010, with a view to the document being finalised by the Spring.