Yorkshire Monastery Plans Approved

January 20, 2012 11:59 am Published by

Tetlow King Planning (TKP) has successfully guided a planning application for an extension to the Community for the Resurrection Grade II Listed Monastery in Mirfield, Yorkshire to full permission.

The extension to the monastery will form new living quarters for the brethren and ensures the Chapter will have suitable accommodation in the long term. Though the main issue with this application was the architectural merit of the design, the planning concerns included overcoming an urban greenspace designation and the principle of development adjacent to the existing Listed Building.

Prior to TKP’s involvement an earlier application had been withdrawn to allow the Community to make alterations to the design, incorporating amended elevations detailing the junction between the monastery and the church.

Based on advice from TKP Director, James Stacey, revised plans were submitted together with a heritage statement.

Ultimately Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council approved the revised proposals.  The design by the Architects, Harris McMillan, was based on the early Christian symbol of a Mandorla.  The officers and members of the Council were ultimately satisfied that the imaginative design represented a “distinct break” from the design of surrounding buildings, ensuring in particular that the new monastery would not compete with the Listed church.

The Area Planning Committee determined to approve the application in July 2011, subject to officer agreement on materials.  Following negotiations this matter was eventually resolved and the planning permission issued on 12 January 2012.